AB Sciex Opens Analytical Science Centre in Delhi

Dec 07, 2012
By LCGC Editors

AB Sciex (Massachusetts, USA) has announced the investment of $3 million into a new scientific support centre in Delhi, India. AB Sciex expanded in India in November 2011 with the acquisition of the mass spectrometry business, Labindia. The centre will support research in some of the toughest analytical challenges faced by India, including food safety, environmental protection, vitamin D analysis, biomedical research, testing of banned substances of abuse and the development of biotherapeutic drugs.

The investment is set to open up new job opportunities in India’s economy, and encourage opportunities for the establishment of new scientific collaborations and interactions. The centre will be developed as a place for application support and training for proof-of-concept studies and the development of new workflows.

"As AB Sciex develops some of the most powerful scientific technologies in the world, we will be able to better serve our customers in India through our new centre," commented Umesh Pawa, managing director, AB Sciex India. "We see new opportunities in pharma, food safety, proteomics, metabolomics, clinical research and a variety of other applications that will be part of the new frontier of science in India for years to come."

For more information please visit: www.absciex.com

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