Advion BioServices Expands LC–MS Biomarker Group

Sep 17, 2009
By LCGC Editors

Advion BioServices (Ithaca, New York) announced the expansion of its existing LC–MS Biomarker Services Group, which was launched in 2008 to develop and deliver customized assays for peptide, amino acid, lipid, neurotransmitter, and nucleotide biomarkers. According to the company, the expansion is in response to increased interest from pharmaceutical companies in the use of biomarkers as indicators of pharmacological response to drugs. The expansion includes an increase in staffing, Thermo Scientific and Applied Biosystems mass spectrometers, and liquid chromatography and automated liquid handling systems. LC–MS biomarker assays reportedly help pharmaceutical companies streamline later-phase clinical trials by enabling the use of fewer subjects or patients.

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