Agilent and PREMIER Biosoft Advance Lipidomics Research through Partnership

Nov 02, 2012
By LCGC Editors

Agilent (California, USA) has announced the formation of a partnership with PREMIER Biosoft (California, USA). The partnership aims to aid the advancement of lipidomics research, by supporting integration of their respective software platforms and allowing combination of data generation and processing. It is hoped that this will allow the mapping of complex lipidomic networks, advancing knowledge of lipid metabolism and associated diseases.

“Just as challenging as mapping and sequencing the human genome is identifying and sequencing the thousands of lipid species involved in human metabolism,” commented Dr Daniel B. Kassel, Agilent’s senior director of LC–MS global marketing. “By utilizing this combined network of technologies, researchers can be confident in the analytical strength they have come to expect from Agilent and from the advanced lipid identification capabilities provided in PREMIER Biosoft’s SimLipid software.”

“By connecting these complementary technologies, researchers can maximize the analytical capabilities of Agilent’s high-end MS instrumentation and software with our high-throughput MS and MS–MS data analysis tools,” commented Arun Apte, chief executive officer at PREMIER Biosoft.

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