Agilent Announces Establishment of Asia Glycomics Eduction Center

Apr 26, 2013
By LCGC Editors

Agilent Technologies (California, USA) has announced the establishment of the Asia Glycomics Education Center in South Korea, building on the recent collaboration with Chungham National University (Daejon, South Korea) through the university’s Graduate School of Analytical Science and Technology (GRAST).

The center will provide education and training for industry and academics alike free of charge throughout the Asia-Pacific area. The university will design and develop training programmes for glycan analysis, the study of complex sugars, used in the development of biomarkers and therapeutic antibodies. Agilent will provide new analytical technology for the center.

"Since we first started collaborating with Agilent in 2011, our university has enjoyed access to the latest analytical and scientific technologies for research in glycomics. Our highly talented team at GRAST, led by professor Hyun-Joo An, has made a number of significant findings, which have been shared with the global scientific community through papers and speaking engagements," said university president Sang-Chul Jung. He added, "This lives up to our university's motto – 'Creativity, development, and service to the community' – and we are pleased to further this collaboration with Agilent."

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