Agilent Technologies Collaborates with Seoul National University

May 27, 2014
By LCGC Editors

Agilent Technologies (California, USA) is to collaborate with Seoul National University (Seoul, South Korea) to open a new research centre that will support the College of Pharmacy’s New Drug Development Centre.

The new centre aims to conduct drug metabolism studies; research, evaluate, and develop new compounds; understand the remedial effects and toxicity; assess pharmokinetics; and conduct clinical tests for drugs. Agilent will provide bioanalytical instruments and multi-omic systems to the college. The new centre will also be Agilent’s reference site for drug development.

Professor Bong-Jin Lee, dean of the college, said: “The College of Pharmacy at Seoul National University has a long tradition of driving innovation.” He added: "We have been leading Korea's pharmaceutical industry through the strategic use of technology and driving the development of new drugs. As we prepare students for the future, we will push the frontiers of drug development by expanding our research facilities, producing outstanding research, and leading the development of technology. We are pleased to collaborate with Agilent, as our scientists and researchers require the latest, most sophisticated instruments for their work."

Rod Minett, general manager, Life Sciences, South Korea and South Asia-Pacific region, said: "One of the megatrends fuelling life science research is the ageing population." He added: “Through continual research, trials, and developments, we believe that newer, more effective drugs can be developed. As such, Agilent is pleased to support SNU College of Pharmacy's drive to create better drugs for a safer and healthier population."

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