Eberhard Gerstel Prize Awarded to Jakob Haun

Apr 10, 2014
By LCGC Editors

The Working Group Separation Sciences of the Analytical Division of the German Chemical Society has awarded the Eberhard Gerstel Prize to Jakob Haun, a doctoral student at the Institute for Energy and Environmental Technology (Duisburg, Germany) for an outstanding research publication.

The award is presented every two years to a first or corresponding author of a research paper judged to be exceptional within the field of separation science.  An international committee oversees the review and selection process. Gerstel sponsors the award in honour of Eberhard Gerstel Sr., founder of the company.

Haun was presented with the award at Analytica 2014 in Munich, Germany, before he gave a presentation on his paper entitled “Online and Splitless NanoLC × CapillaryLC with Quadrupole/Time-of -Flight Mass Spectrometric Detection for Comprehensive Screening Analysis of Complex Samples” published in Analytical Chemistry in September 2013 (1). Haun is currently focused on establishing a multidimensional chromatographic method for the analytical screening of house dust samples.

1. Jakob Haun, Juri Leonhardt, Christoph Portner, Terence Hetzel, Jochen Tuerk, Thorsten Teutenberg, and Torsten C. Schmidt, Anal. Chem. 85 (21), 10083–10090. DOI: 10.1021/ac402002m (2013).

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