Eurofins Announces Tsing Hua Acquisition

Feb 12, 2018
Volume 14, Issue 2, pg 6

Eurofins Scientific has announced the acquisition of Tsing Hua Testing & Analysis Co., Ltd. (Tsing Hua), a leading environmental testing company in Taiwan.

Employing around 240 staff and headquartered in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Tsing Hua provides a comprehensive suite of testing services for wastewater, drinking water, ground water, fuel gas, ambient air, noise, soil, and waste. The company also has subsidiary sites in Taichung, Taiwan, and sales offices in four other Taiwan cities.

“The acquisition of Tsing Hua provides Eurofins with a solid entry in the environment testing market in Taiwan,” said Gilles Martin, Eurofins CEO.

“This acquisition will reinforce the Group’s growing footprint in Asia; in return Tsing Hua will gain access to the full range of services and capabilities of the Eurofins Group, which will significantly expand Tsing Hua’s testing portfolio for the benefit of its customers. The acquisition of Tsing Hua, together with the acquisition of ABM in 2017, another Taiwanese company providing food testing services, are a clear demonstration of Eurofins’ commitment to expand its operations in Asia in general and in Taiwan in particular,” continued Martin.

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