How to Get and Keep a Job as an Analytical Scientist

You may have an excellent educational background, and perhaps some very good experience, too. But are you prepared to get—and keep—your next job in analytical chemistry? This collection of short articles from LCGC’s digital magazine, The Column, offers essential advice for separation scientists who aspire to get a new job and succeed once there.


Highly Experienced Method Developer – Really?

By Incognito

Many applicants for method development jobs make claims they are not prepared to substantiate, either in a CV or during the interview. Here is what you should be ready to explain, or show, about your expertise and experience.

How to Get a Job in Analytical Science

By Incognito

We have all heard lots of advice on preparing a resume or CV. But here is what a manager hiring chromatographers wants to know.

Communicating Data: Is Your Transmitter Faulty?

By Incognito

Once you land a new job, you need to be prepared to communicate clearly about the work you do. If you are unable to properly explain your results, then you may as well not bother.

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