Corporate Retrospective 2007: Hamilton

May 01, 2007
By LCGC Editors

The Hamilton Company was founded in the early 1950s by the innovative Clark Hamilton. Clark was the first person to develop a glass syringe that could repeatedly deliver microliter volumes accurately. This development occurred at the same time that gas chromatography was being commercialized and was key in early successes of this technique. Clark and his employees worked closely with chromatographic pioneers such as Leslie Ettre and Keene Dimick. As the popularity of chromatography expanded, the Hamilton Company, under Clark's tutelage, continued to design and deliver products that met the ever-changing needs of sample introduction. The line of Hamilton microliter syringes were an integral part of the growing gas chromatography business.

During the development of high performance liquid chromatography the Hamilton Company again provided syringes to meet developers' requirements.

Over the years new products were introduced to address the changing needs for chromatographers and scientific researchers. These included the first digital diluter for diluting samples prior to injection, the digital syringe for more accurate fluid measurement, polymer-based reversed phase HPLC columns for wider pH range stability, and laboratory robotic systems to totally automate sample transfer, preparation, and introduction into chromatographic instruments.

Today the Hamilton Company continues to deliver fluid handling solutions for chromatographers as well as many other techniques requiring precise delivery of liquids. Whether the scientist is performing manual injections or working in a high throughput environment, Hamilton tools are there to help. The original microliter syringe that was our first product is still in worldwide use today. At the same time our robotic systems have evolved to provide solutions for such challenges as automated liquid level detection and solvent evaporation during transfer.

From the very beginning of the Hamilton Company, Clark instilled two basic philosophies into his growing business. Those were: product quality and fluid handling innovation. These beliefs continue to be the corner stones of the Hamilton Company today.

Clark Hamilton
Congratulations to LCGC on the 25th anniversary.

Clark Hamilton
Hamilton Company
Reno, Nevada

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