Knox Medal Awarded to Peter Schoenmakers

Apr 17, 2014
By LCGC Editors

The Analytical Division Separation Science Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry has awarded the Knox medal to Peter Schoenmakers of the Van’t Hoff Institute in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Schoenmakers is the Chair of Analytical Chemistry and Forensic Science at the University of Amsterdam since 2009, and the interests of his research group cover polymer analysis, gas chromatography, and more recently comprehensive two-dimensional chromatography. He is an enthusiastic ambassador and champion for the chromatographic sciences and serves on a number of editorial boards including the Chromatography Monograph series of the Royal Society of Chemistry and LCGC Europe.

The medal is named after Professor John H. Knox, a pioneer in gas chromatography who contributed to the development of modern high performance chromatographic methods. It was commissioned by the Separation Science Group in 2008 and is awarded for “innovative, influential work in the area of separation science, and recognizes excellence in development, application, training, and/or dissemination of information and results”. Previous award recipients include Pat Sandra (2009), Chang Kee Lim (2011), and Ian Wilson (2012).

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