LCGC Asia Pacific March 2015

March 2015 | Volume 18, Issue 1
By LCGC Editors
31st International Symposium on MicroScale Bioseparations
LC Troubleshooting
A stepwise process is described to help isolate and identify the cause of a method failure.
Column Watch
There has been a revival of supercritical fluid chromatography (SFC) in recent years, especially in the chiral preparative field, but also more recently in the analytical area. However, SFC is considerably more complex than liquid chromatography (LC), mainly because of the compressibility of the mobile phase. One can say that SFC is a “rubber variant” of LC where everything considered constant in LC varies in SFC. In this review, we go through advances in theory, instrumentation, and novel applications.
GC Connections
The transit of peaks through a gas chromatography (GC) column depends strongly on the thermal profile they encounter on the way. Gas chromatographers primarily rely on the classic hot?air?bath type of oven, but several alternatives are also in use. This instalment examines ovens for GC in several forms plus how oven thermals affect peak retention behaviour.
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