LCGC North America January 2001

January 2001 | Volume 19, Issue 1
Featured Article
The authors compare fast LC}MS with a flow injection analysis}MS method for effective quantitation in the high-throughput environment of today's drug discovery laboratories.
The FDA recently updated its 1987 guidelines for submitting samples and analytical data for method validation — a document that affects all analytical chemists working in the pharmacrutical industry. This article highlights the agency's recommendations of how to report and validate analytical data in all new drug applications.
LC Troubleshooting
In this month's installment of "LC Troubleshooting," John Dolan focuses on late-eluted peaks.
Sample Prep Perspectives
Norberto Guzman and Ron Majors look at three areas in which progress has been made in improving concentration limits of detection for CE and CE microchip techniques: preconcentration methods, detector enhancements, and derivatization methods to improve separation selectivity and to enhance detection.
CE Currents
This first installment of a two-part series outlines the principles and approaches to indirect detection.
Milestones In Chromatography
Leslie Ettre outlines the transition from metal tubes to glass and finally to fused-silica tubing and discusses improvements in stationary-phase technology. He also mentions some trends for further improvement of capillary column GC.
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