LCGC North America January 2014

January 2014 | Volume 32, Issue 1
Sample Prep Perspectives
A look at five sample preparation methods where the application of a charge across barriers provides enhanced selectivity
LC Troubleshoting
What good is that big, ugly peak at the beginning of the chromatogram?
GC Connections
We track the genesis of the top four carrier gases before they start their journey through a GC system.
Biotechnology Today
The modern usage and specific applications of HILIC for two other major classes of analytes — glycopeptides and glycoproteins — are discussed.
The Essentials
Secondary parameters in the interface and mass analyzer can have a major impact on sensitivity and reproducibility. Here, we examine how and when to consider optimizing these parameters through a study of the working principles of LC–MS analysis.
Peer-Reviewed Article
We assessed a simple method based on recovery for the detection of matrix effects and two alternative methods for the rectification of matrix effects in LC–MS: standard addition and the coeluting internal standard method.
By LCGC Editors
The Australian Patent Office has granted a patent related to W. R. Grace & Company's (Columbia, Maryland) Reveleris flash chromatography system.
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