LCGC North America January 2016

January 2016 | Volume 34, Issue 1
Sample Prep Perspectives
How cloud-point extraction works and why you should consider it
LC Troubleshooting
Strongly retained sample compounds can cause various changes in the appearance of a chromatogram.
GC Connections
Thermal desorption facilitates analysis of otherwise intractable samples.
Biotechnology Today
Best practices and recent advances in characterizing glycosylation
The Essentials
These GC–MS instrument setup requirements are critical to success.
Peer-Reviewed Article
An investigation into the root cause of new peaks revealed an unusual source of contamination.
This review highlights applications for which AF4 is particularly well suited, and explains when not to use the technique.
Special Feature
By LCGC Editors
Affinity separations offer great potential for pharmaceutical analysis.
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