LCGC North America January 2017

January 2017 | Volume 35, Issue 1
LCGC January 2017
Sample Prep Perspectives
Sample preparation is a challenge in forensics. Microextraction can help.
LC Troubleshooting
Mobile-phase pH is a powerful tool, but must be controlled properly.
History of Chromatography
Keith Bartle talks about his proudest scientific achievements.
GC Connections
We examine the experimental factors that control peak resolution.
Focus on Biopharmaceutical Analysis
What are the best methodologies for demonstrating comparability?
The Essentials
Tips for coping with poor recovery, reproducibility issues, and more
Market Profile
By LCGC Editors
China has experienced explosive growth over the past decade, and it has been a boon to the analytical instrumentation industry.
Peer-Reviewed Article
This accurate, precise method overcomes matrix interference problems
Special Feature
Clustering is particularly useful for diverse sample sets.
Chromatography Corner
Multidimensional liquid chromatography strategies are the most widely used method for increasing the number of spatially resolved components and reducing stress on mass spectrometric detection. However, the stress placed on a secondary dimension in a comprehensive on-line methodology is very high. An increasingly attractive approach is the coupling of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with ion mobility spectrometry hyphenated to mass spectrometry (IMS-MS). Tim Causon and Stephan Hann of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna, Austria, talk about their work evaluating this approach and exploring its possibilities for metabolomics.
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