LCGC North America February 2001

February 2001 | Volume 19, Issue 2
LC Troubleshooting
This month's column discusses the presence of sample peaks in chromatograms when only blanks are injected -- commonly called carryover. Most carryover problems can be eliminated by performing one or more of the approaches discussed in this column.
Featured Article
This article examines the role that multidimensional chromatography systems will play in high-throughput proteomics.
McDowall discusses how the needs of the regulated laboratory are changing the way chromatography data systems are designed and used.
Column Watch
A single-source reference for key chromatography terms.
GC Connections
Hinshaw examines the reality of GC at high speeds, taking into account the potential for rapid separations an the speed limits imposed by the practicalities of instrumentation and other considerations.
CE Currents
Part II of this series describes different ways electrolytes can be buffered while maintaining compatibility with indirect detection.
Directions in Discovery
This installment of "Directions in Discovery" describes experiments performed to optimize a standard quality-control method for protein purity evaluation using reducing capillary gel electrophoresis.
Guest Editorial
Ettre discusses the celebration of the 50-year anniversary of the beginning of the universal application of GC and the investigation of complex samples and natural substances.
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