LCGC North America February 2014

February 2014 | Volume 32, Issue 2
Sample Prep Perspectives
The selective removal of a fat substitute in food products is discussed to demonstrate options for obtaining selectivity during extraction.
LC Troubleshooting
What kind of adjustments need to be made when scaling an isocratic method?
MS – The Practical Art
A discussion of the future role of miniature MS systems, the need for simplification in operation, the role of ambient ionization, and challenges in development and commercialization.
The Essentials
Key considerations for setting up or troubleshooting a GC method.
Peer-Reviewed Articles
Quality-by-design principles are applied to build in a more scientific and risk-based multifactorial strategy in the development of a UHPLC method for analyzing a drug and its related impurities.
The analysis of pesticide residues in food samples from the state of Connecticut's regulatory monitoring program are compared to USDA and US FDA results.
By LCGC Editors
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
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