LCGC North America February 2016

February 2016 | Volume 34, Issue 2
Column Watch
This exploration of the fundamental interactions involved in PFP stationary phases will facilitate the choice of appropriate stationary phases and help analysts develop more robust and reliable methods.
LC Troubleshooting
The silica-based packing in reversed-phase columns is not inert. Here we consider what happens when the mobile phase pH is too high or too low.
History of Chromatography
Pavel Jandera discusses building his own LC instrument, the birth of modern HPLC, the importance of exploring (and understanding) earlier research papers, and current trends in contemporary chromatography. He also offers inspiring advice for young chromatographers.
The Essentials
Sample filtration is an often overlooked source of problems. Here’s what you should check.
Special Feature
We explore the careers and achievements of the winners of LCGC’s ninth annual awards: Milton L. Lee and Debby Mangelings.
Peer-Reviewed Articles
The final part of this series looks at the regulatory compliance of a future system and provides a summary of the 15 recommendations.
From the Editor
At the heart of liquid chromatography lies a column. Because of the importance of the column, we have dedicated a regular place to it in LCGC magazine: “Column Watch.” And what has made “Column Watch” so informative over the years is that it has captured the insights of an insider—someone who really understood the workings of the column and its role in separations: Ron Majors.
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