LCGC North America April 2016

April 2016 | Volume 34, Issue 4
Column Watch
Our annual review of new LC columns and accessories introduced at Pittcon and through the previous year.
LC Troubleshooting
What should you do if your retention times drop from one injection to the next?
Perspectives in Modern HPLC
Our annual review of new HPLC instruments and related products highlights the innovative features of new HPLC systems, modules, software, and product extensions.
MS—The Practical Art
The three key applications for desorption and ionization techniques are rapid, in situ screening; direct analysis of extracted samples or planar chromatography spots; and scanning samples along x and y axes.
The Essentials
What can these techniques tell us from a qualitative and quantitative perspective?
Peer-Reviewed Article
A chiral ionic liquid was applied as a new chiral ligand for the separation of tryptophan, tyrosine, and phenylalanine enantiomers.
Featured Interview
By LCGC Editors
Milton Lee discusses his career path, his influences, and what was involved in launching three commercial analytical instruments.
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