LCGC North America April 2017

April 2017 | Volume 35, Issue 4
Column Watch
Our annual review of new liquid chromatography (LC) columns and accessories, including an analysis of the overall trends.
LC Troubleshooting
Learn how to find the “sweet spot” in terms of retention for a liquid chromatography separation and how to estimate how much a change in mobile-phase percent organic will affect retention.
Perspectives in Modern HPLC
A review of the new high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instruments, modules, and software that were introduced at Pittcon 2017 and during the year prior, including descriptions of their innovative features and significant benefits.
The Essentials
HIC employs nondenaturing conditions, does not require the use of organic solvents or high temperatures, and is carried out at physiological pH, thus allowing protein structure to be preserved.
Peer-Reviewed Article
The approach described here will help chromatographers produce highly efficient method development strategies for reversed-phase LC separations in a relatively short time frame.
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