LCGC North America May 2016

May 2016 | Volume 34, Issue 5
Sample Prep Perspectives
Many of this year’s new products fit into recently identified trends, but one major driver of advances was not in our forecasts.
LC Troubleshooting
Understanding how pumps operate makes it easier to solve problems.
GC Connections
The number and type of new product introductions this year are an indication of the continuing viability of gas chromatography.
The Essentials
To get the most out of a UHPLC instrument, you must consider parameters associated with both methods and system hardware.
Peer-Reviewed Article
The developed protocol is much simpler than classical plasma or serum analysis, but the extraction medium must be chosen carefully.
Guest Opinion Piece
Maintaining and growing technical competencies requires effort.
Special Features
How would you analyze a bag of gummy bears that showed up on your laboratory bench? This was the challenge taken on by teams of analysts in advance of the Conference on Small Molecule Science (CoSMoS) that was held in August 2015 in San Diego, California. This article shares insights from how the finalists approached the question.
The SFC conference tackled theory, economics, scale-up, and more.
By LCGC Editors
A look at the inspirations and future plans of a leading young scientist.
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