LCGC North America July 2014

July 2014 | Volume 32, Issue 7
Column Watch
Highlights of the discussions on column-technology topics — such as monoliths, high-pH columns, SPPs, and HILIC — and an analysis of the larger trends observed at the conference.
LC Troubleshooting
Why should you be concerned about mobile-phase degassing?
GC Connections
What you need to know about pressure regulators, gas filtration, and gas fittings — and when to retire your cylinders
History of Chromatography
A review of Professor Barry L. Karger's years as a teacher and mentor, as well as his many scientific accomplishments
The Essentials
If you change your GC carrier gas to hydrogen or nitrogen, you will need to consider various aspects of how that change will affect your methods.
Peer-Reviewed Article
The development of fast and straightforward processes of sample preparation, separation, and detection for the analysis of various food and pharmaceutical samples with a high matrix load are described.
Chromatography Corner
By LCGC Editors
Kevin Dorfman discusses his work to improve electrophoresis and nanochannel technologies to obtain genomic information.
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