LCGC North America July 2017

July 2017 | Volume 35, Issue 7
LCGC July 1, 2017
Column Watch
A model set of analytes and selected applications are used to demonstrate the effects that buffers can have on the selectivity of a separation and the sensitivity of a reversed-phase analysis when using MS detection.
LC Troubleshooting
We consider some of the details associated with preparing a column for storage, with an eye toward choices that will pay dividends in future use.
GC Connections
If you understand how your system is affected by outside influences, you can take control of the variables.
Focus on Food Analysis
Practical examples of how to correct for matrix effects in food testing to obtain reliable quantitative data using LC–MS and GC–MS
The Essentials
Get the most from your method by considering what you want it to do and setting appropriate chromatographic parameters.
Peer-Reviewed Article
A method was developed to address the constraints encountered when measuring methane levels during the degassing process.
Featured Interivew
By LCGC Editors
Fabrice Gritti discusses how to separate and quantify both volatile and nonvolatile compounds in complex mixtures.
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