LCGC North America September 2014

September 2014 | Volume 32, Issue 9
Column Watch
Understanding the chemistry of embedded polar group and perfluorophenyl phases leads to better decisions during method developement
LC Troubleshooting
How can resolution be determined when peak width cannot be measured?
MS — The Practical Art
A review of the essential elements of MS approaches to protein quantification and a critical comparison of the available options
Biotechnology Today
A discussion of the role of the gradient in separation by reversed-phase and ion-exchange HPLC, with data from two products to illustrate the key points
The Essentials
An investigation into some "typical" HPLC method specifications to highlight ways of critically evaluating the major and minor parameters of a method
Peer-Reviewed Article
Supercritical (subcritical) fluid chromatography (SFC) was evaluated as an alternative to HPLC for the enantiomeric separation of primary amines on a cyclofructan-based chiral stationary phase.
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