LCGC North America October 2004

October 2004 | Volume 22, Issue 10
Sample Prep Perspectives
This month'ss guest authors review the application of solid-phase SPME to the analysis of drugs in human plasma.
LC Troubleshooting
Just how good are your gradients?
GC Connections
This month's "GC Connections" examines the various ways – and their attendant benefits and drawbacks – with which chromatographers and chromatography data-handling systems locate and measure peaks
Directions in Discovery
This month'ss "Directions in Discovery" column discusses current work in the use of capillary isoelectric focusing and mass spectrometry as a multidimensional separation technique for proteomic studies.
The authors describe a sensible approach for validation and implementation of HPLC IPC assays.
The use of a silica column for HILIC is examined, including mechanistic studies of analyte retention on silica in aqueous-organic mobile phases.
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