LCGC North America November 2000

November 2000 | Volume 18, Issue 11
LC Troubleshooting
This month's installment illustrates some potential problems that may arise during method transfer.
Column Watch
By LCGC Editors
Ron Majors highlights presentation from the 24th International Symposium on High Performance Liquid Phase Separations and Related Techniques.
GC Connections
John Hinshaw looks at various means to heat GC columns.
Milestones In Chromatography
This column discusses the activities of a Russian pioneer of GC and outlines the principles of some of the techniques he developed.
Directions in Discovery
Guest author S.R. Needham describes an HPLC–tandem MS method that rapidly analyzes drugs and isobaric metabolites in complex matrices.
The authors describe two tests performed using SPE. The first involved sterol isolation and cleanup of seed oils, and the second analyzed crude seed oils.
The authors describe reversed-phase HPLC based on hybrid particles and demonstrate the packing's retention and selectivity characteristics.
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