LCGC North America November 2015

November 2015 | Volume 33, Issue 11
LCGC North America November 2015 issue
Column Watch
The column is at the core of chromatography, and the past 25 years have seen continuous improvements in HPLC and UHPLC columns. Here, Majors assesses the most important developments, looking at how we got this far and where we may be heading.
LC Troubleshooting
At first, problems related to LC columns can be daunting. But if we have a technique to help simplify the troubleshooting process, the job can be much less intimidating.
GC Connections
Dead-volume effects can cause serious trouble for chromatographers. But if you understand what dead volume is and how it affects chromatographic results, you can take control of it.
The Essentials
So you think you know all about UV detection? Check your knowledge against this article on the principles and key variables of ultraviolet detection.
Peer-Reviewed Articles
Some new approaches can provide superior protein separations. These include using columns of highly efficient superficially porous silica particles and techniques involving MS-friendly mobile phases with effective methods for changing protein selectivity (band spacings) by column type and organic mobile-phase modifiers.
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