LCGC North America November 2016

November 2016 | Volume 34, Issue 11
Sample Prep Perspectives
Dried blood sampling shows great promise, but inconsistencies resulting from hematocrit effects must be resolved and regulatory acceptance is still lacking.
LC Troubleshooting
What could cause a peak to be eluted before the column dead time?
GC Connections
What are the best procedures for safe setup, use, and disposal of compressed gas cylinders in the chromatography laboratory?
The Essentials
These five pictures will help you deal with irreproducible retention times, integration issues, step-shaped peaks, poor peak shape for early eluted peaks, and loss of resolution from loss of efficiency.
Peer-Reviewed Articles
This HPLC×IMS-MS method and data analysis workflow provide a powerful and highly repeatable approach for the analysis of phenolic compounds in samples such as wine.
Special Feature
Principal component analysis is a relatively easy way to obtain a simplified image of your data while maintaining as much information as possible.
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