LCGC North America November 2017

November 2017 | Volume 35, Issue 11
November 1, 2017
Sample Prep Prespectives
Incremental sampling methodology laboratory processing is used to produce an appropriately sized subsample that has the analytes of interest at the same concentration as the large incremental sample collected in the field. The end goal is to produce results that represent the conditions at the site and facilitate good decisions.
LC Troubleshooting
What’s not in your standard operating procedure? Documenting details can prevent headaches associated with method transfers between laboratories.
GC Connections
Fast gas chromatography (GC) has received new attention recently in the form of available enhanced instrument capabilities. What can fast GC do for separations, and how can laboratories take advantage of enhanced separation speeds?
Perspectives in Modern HPLC
What are the potential problems that may be encountered using UHPLC systems and methods, and what strategies can be used for their mitigation?
Tips for effective use of chromatography and mass spectrometry for the analysis of antibody–drug conjugates, glycoengineered proteins, and biosimilars.
Peer-Reviewed Article
Ion-pairing chromatography has traditionally been implemented with the addition of an ion-pairing reagent into the mobile phase. Here, an alternative method is presented, in which the ion-pairing reagent is deposited on column as a sample additive instead of in the mobile phase.
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