LCGC North America December 2016

December 2016 | Volume 34, Issue 12
LCGC NA December 2016 main issue
Column Watch
The study shows results that promise to improve HILIC method development practices and provide insight into retention mechanisms across mechanistically different polar stationary phases.
LC Troubleshooting
This case study shows how to troubleshoot an LC method problem.
The Essentials
Tips for choosing the ionization technique and polarity, tuning key parameters such as ESI source voltages, flow rates, and temperature, and optimizing SRM conditions.
Peer-Reviewed Articles
As this study shows, short conditioning steps can be a good way to eliminate carryover in methods using SPME.
Here in part II, we explain how this software enables simulations of the impact of mobile-phase temperature, helps users understand the chromatographic behavior of a mixture of diverse compounds, demonstrates the impact of analyte molecular weight, and more.
Special Feature
Mark Vitha has written a book that will appeal to students, teachers, and perhaps professional analysts who need a refresher in the fundamentals of chromatography.
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