LCGC North America December 2017

December 2017 | Volume 35, Issue 12
Column Watch
A number of approaches for peak shape measurement are available in modern chromatography software. We discuss the advantages and drawbacks of those approaches, and present a new concept, “total peak shape analysis.”
LC Troubleshooting
What are the most useful chromatography books on your bookshelf? What are the most useful web-based resources (such as websites, downloadable documents, videos) about separation science? What are the most useful tools supporting your work (such as calculators and simulators)? In this installment, Dwight Stoll compiles input from the separation science community (both individuals and vendors) to guide you to the resources that people find most useful.
Focus On Environmental Analysis
In the environmental analytical chemistry literature, the topic of matrix interferences and matrix effects has not been addressed in a fundamental way. Here, we examine which methods appear to have a tendency for matrix interference and suggest ways to reduce the problem.
Focus On Biopharmaceutical Analysis
Several key applications of biolayer interferometry in pharmaceutical development have emerged recently. Here, we evaluate its use for ensuring product titer from fermentation, and compare the strengths and weaknesses of the technique to those of HPLC.
The Essentials
A common challenge in LLE is the formation of emulsions. Several approaches can address the problem. Or, one can try an alternative technique.
Peer-Reviewed Article
To address the challenges of analyzing new illicit drugs, emerging techniques such as UHPSFC with MS and UV detection, and GC with VUV detection, may be needed, particularly for distinguishing positional isomers and diastereomers.
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