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Comparison of Enantiomeric Separations and Screening Protocols for Chiral Primary Amines by SFC and HPLC

September 1, 2014

Supercritical (subcritical) fluid chromatography (SFC) was evaluated as an alternative to HPLC for the enantiomeric separation of primary amines on a cyclofructan-based chiral stationary phase.

Avoiding Reversed-Phase Chromatography Problems Through Informed Method Development Practices: Choosing the Stationary-Phase Chemistry

September 1, 2014

Understanding the chemistry of embedded polar group and perfluorophenyl phases leads to better decisions during method developement

Critical Evaluation of HPLC Methods

September 1, 2014

An investigation into some "typical" HPLC method specifications to highlight ways of critically evaluating the major and minor parameters of a method

How Much Retention Time Variation Is Normal?

August 1, 2014

Small changes in retention time with an LC method are normal. At what point is a problem suggested?

Seven Common Faux Pas in Modern HPLC

August 1, 2014

Because of improved technologies and other changes in modern HPLC, these seven common practices are now highly questionable.

Standardized Testing of Silica as a Base Material for Difficult Bonded-Phase Preparative Applications

August 1, 2014

Mechanical strength, acid and alkaline durability, loadability, and overload characteristics are a few of the parameters evaluated.

Modern Mass Spectrometry in Protein Analysis

August 1, 2014

An overview of the analytical approaches used for the analysis of biomolecules

Gas Cylinder Setup and Use

July 1, 2014

What you need to know about pressure regulators, gas filtration, and gas fittings — and when to retire your cylinders

Highlights of HPLC 2014

July 1, 2014

Highlights of the discussions on column-technology topics — such as monoliths, high-pH columns, SPPs, and HILIC — and an analysis of the larger trends observed at the conference.


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Column Watch: Ron Majors, established authority on new column technologies, keeps readers up-to-date with new sample preparation trends in all branches of chromatography and reviews developments. LATEST: Avoiding Reversed-Phase Chromatography Problems Through Informed Method Development Practices: Choosing the Stationary-Phase Chemistry

Perspectives in Modern HPLC: Michael W. Dong is a senior scientist in Small Molecule Drug Discovery at Genentech in South San Francisco, California. He is responsible for new technologies, automation, and supporting late-stage research projects in small molecule analytical chemistry and QC of small molecule pharmaceutical sciences. LATEST: Seven Common Faux Pas in Modern HPLC

MS — The Practical Art: Kate Yu brings her expertise in the field of mass spectrometry and hyphenated techniques to the pages of LCGC. In this column she examines the mass spectrometric side of coupled liquid and gas-phase systems. Troubleshooting-style articles provide readers with invaluable advice for getting the most from their mass spectrometers. LATEST: Radical Mass Spectrometry as a New Frontier for Bioanalysis

LC Troubleshooting: LC Troubleshooting sets about making HPLC methods easier to master. By covering the basics of liquid chromatography separations and instrumentation, John Dolan is able to highlight common problems and provide remedies for them. LATEST: Estimating Resolution for Marginally Separated Peaks

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