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Alltech Associates Inc. has been an expert in HPLC column chemistry since 1971. Over three decades Alltech grew into a leading supplier of HPLC columns and introduced technologies for both gas and ion chromatography. By the turn of the century, Alltech had become a one-stop-shop for all chromatography needs, including an impressive selection of columns, accessories, and and instruments including the evaporative light scattering detector. Through Alltech's bi-annual Chromatography Sourcebook and advertising relationship with LCGC, Alltech's products gained recognition and popularity in the marketplace.

In August 2004, Alltech underwent an exciting transformation - the acquisition by Grace Davison, a division of W.R. Grace. Since 1921, Grace has led the way in researching and refining silica's properties and capabilities in the fields of analytical, preparative, and process scale chromatography. The marriage of Grace and Alltech, along with Grace's acquisitions of Vydac, Jones, and MODcol, gave rise to Grace Davison Discovery Sciences - a powerful combination of expertise in silica manufacturing, bonded phase chemistries, and column hardware technologies.

Looking toward the future, Grace Davison Discovery Sciences will focus on our core silica technologies to serve the breadth of HPLC activities from the smallest nanoscale columns to large-diameter preparative columns, as well as bulk silica for process-scale recovery applications. Through Alltech's expertise in small molecule separations and Vydac's expertise in protein and peptide purifications, Grace Davison Discovery Sciences addresses a full range of chromatography applications from pharmaceutical and biotech to environmental and petrochemical.

Alltech has come a long way in the last 30 years, since the first column packing operation in the owner's garage. As Grace Davison Discovery Sciences we have an extensive global organization with centers of excellence around the world for research and development, manufacturing, and long-term customer partnerships. When you think of Alltech, think of Grace, and rely on us as more than just a column supplier - we are your chromatography partner for instruments, columns, and accessories from discovery to recovery.

Robert Gatte
Look for Grace Davison Discovery Sciences advertisements in LCGC every month.

Robert Gatte
Vice President and General Manager
Grace Davison Discovery Sciences
Deerfield, Illinois


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