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Company Description

Supelco, a Sigma-Aldrich Corporation subsidiary, is an ISO 9001-registered company that manufactures and distributes an extensive selection of HPLC, chiral, and GC columns as well as SPE products, SPME materials, chemical standards, and customized products and services (such as resin, media processing, and small unit packaging).

Customer service is a hallmark of Supelco. The highly trained chemists in our R&D lab, Technical Service group, and Application Laboratory answer hundreds of inquiries each day.

Chief Chromatographic Techniques Supported

Supelco manufactures and distributes more than 10,000 products for analytical scientists, including:

  • General and special-purpose capillary and packed GC columns
  • General and special-purpose HPLC and chiral columns
  • Affinity, ion-exchange, adsorption, and size exclusion LPLC media and columns
  • SPME fibers for fast, solventless sample extractions
  • Sampling devices and accessories for air sampling and analysis
  • SPE tubes, air monitoring products, and glassware for sample preparation
  • Chemical standards for environmental, food and beverage, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, forensic, and other analyses
  • A wide variety of specialty and unique carbons, resins, and media
  • Vials, syringes, and many other general laboratory items
  • TLC plates and accessories

Markets Served

Supelco products affect almost every facet of life everywhere in the world. Environmental laboratories and government agencies, food and beverage manufacturers, pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories, petroleum and chemical companies, and many other institutions depend on Supelco products to monitor and help ensure the quality of our air, water, food, and the purity and consistency of drug compounds.

Major Products/Services

Supelco's HPLC product offerings include the Ascentis® and Ascentis Express Fused-Core® HPLC columns plus an extensive line of Astec Chiral columns.

The unique polymer chemistries of Supelco's SLB™ and Equity® capillary GC columns provide accurate identification and reliable quantification. Supelco's SLB columns offer a low bleed, inert, and durable column for trace analyses.

Supelco offers a wide range of SPE cartridges and accessories in standard and specialty phases. The SupelMIP® (molecularly imprinted polymer) line offers tailor-made selectivity for extraction of trace analytes.

Our SPME technology (short, phase-coated fused-silica fiber) is used to remove analytes from water-based samples or headspace and deliver them to a capillary GC or an HPLC column.

Supelco also offers a vast variety of analytical standards and its carbon research program is unique to the separations technologies industry.


Supelco's corporate headquarters and main production facility are in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania. An extensive network of Sigma-Aldrich subsidiaries and sales professionals promotes and supports Supelco products worldwide.

595 North Harrison Road
Bellefonte, PA 16823

Technical Service
(800) 359-3041
(814) 359-3041
Customer Service
(800) 247-6628
(814) 359-3441

Technical Service
(800) 359-3044
(814) 359-5468
Customer Service
(800) 325-5052
(814) 359-5459






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