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This morning at 8:30, award sessions will be held for two important awards of strong interest to scientists working in chromatographic and mass spectrometry techniques: The Dal Nogare Award from the Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley and the Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award.

The Dal Nogare Award

The winner of this year’s Dal Nogare Award is Mary J. Wirth the W. Brooks Fortune Distinguished Professor of Chemistry at Purdue University. Her research focuses on new materials for protein separations, particularly using a concept she dubbed “slip flow.” Wirth summarized her work on slip flow in a 2012 article in LCGC.

The award symposium honoring Wirth will be held today at 8:30 am in room S401a, and will include talks by Jim Jorgenson of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Christy Landes of Rice University, Ron Majors of LCGC, and Joel M. Harris of the University of Utah.

Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award

This year’s Pittsburgh Conference Achievement Award is given to Benjamin Garcia, the Presidential Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine. Garcia and his group are interested in the development and application of mass spectrometry–based proteomics for solving difficult problems in chromatin biology and epigenetics.

The symposium honoring Garcia will be held today at 8:30 am in room S401bc, and will include talks from Garcia as well as from Scott A. Gerber of the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, Jenny Brodbelt of the University of Texas at Austin, Jesse L. Beauchamp of the California Institute of Technology, and Vicki H. Wysocki of Ohio State University.


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