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Orochem Technologies, Inc. is a wholly woman-owned business incorporated eleven years ago in the state of Illinois. Orochem today has a worldwide presence with customers in North America, Europe, and Asia. Orochem has three manufacturing, sales, and marketing facilities around the world:

In Lombard, Illinois, Orochem manufactures oligo synthesis plates, protein purification plates, and membrane products for protein precipitation and DNA extraction. This 21,000 square foot facility is ISO 13485 certified and has several clean rooms that can be used to provide OEM services.

In Ontario, California, Orochem manufactures HPLC, SPE, flash, and prep chromatography columns. Orochem also produces bonded silica phases at this facility. This facility was previously owned by Column Engineering, a company that was acquired by Orochem in 2006. Some of the new products from this facility include chiral HPLC and prep columns as well as simulated moving bed technology for synthesis of chiral molecules.

In Mumbai, India, Orochem manufactures products primarily for the clinical research industry, e.g. SPE cartridges, flash columns, and instruments. Over the past five years, Orochem India has gained greater than a third of the market share in India for SPE sample preparation products with Orochem's uniquely popular polymer SPE.

Orochem's "Protein Crash and Protein Precipitation Plate" was the first-ever such concept successfully brought to market in the year 2001. Another first for Orochem is the one and only 384-well SPE plate commercially available from Orochem since the year 2000. In order to support its customers, Orochem has established a "total solution" approach with integration of mechanical devices and robotic systems with the consumables to facilitate sample prep, protein precipitation, oligo purification, and ion exchange. Orochem's new robotic system has demonstrated automated SPE for clinical research, significantly improving the quality of analysis and increasing the speed of sample prep for LC–MS. Orochem is well known for supporting early product development. In partnership with its customers, Orochem scientists and engineers routinely develop innovative medical devices from R&D to manufacturing.

Asha Oroskar
We would like to congratulate LCGC on their 25th anniversary, and remind you that Orochem is truly your partner for sample prep products!

Asha Oroskar
Orochem Technologies, Inc.


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