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The State of the Art and Future Trends of Size-Exclusion Chromatography Packings and Columns

LCGC North America
Volume 7, Issue 30, pp. 544-563


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(2) Different names have been used to denote entropically controlled HPLC, as compared to enthalpically controlled HPLC: commonly used terms are size-exclusion chromatography (SEC), gel filtration chromatography (GFC), gel permeation chromatography (GPC), and the latest is entropic HPLC (E-HPLC). In this article, SEC is used exclusively as the generic name, while GPC and GFC are reserved specifically for the separation of macromolecules using organic or aqueous mobile phases, respectively. Because the term "filtration" is misleading, we recommend against the use of the term GFC.

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