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Articles by Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor is the technical director of Crawford Scientific and ChromAcademy. He comes from a pharmaceutical background and has many years research and development experience in small molecule analysis and bioanalysis using LC, GC, and hyphenated MS techniques. Taylor is actively involved in method development within the analytical services laboratory at Crawford Scientific and continues to research in LC-MS and GC-MS methods for structural characterization. As the technical director of the CHROMacademy, Taylor has spent the past 12 years as a trainer and developing online education materials in analytical chemistry techniques.

The LCGC Blog: Chromatography Technical Tips - Polar Analyte Retention and Phase Collapse
October 16, 2014

Why would one want to use a mobile phase containing 100% water? Usually to wash the analyte or old mobile phase from the column (stationary phase surface) or to help retain analytes which elute quickly using mobile phases containing only very small amounts of organic solvent (usually highly polar analytes).

The LCGC Blog: So Just How Well Set-Up is Your UV Detector?
September 18, 2014

Most of us who have used UV detection for HPLC analyses consider them very straightforward and find they produce fit for purpose data whenever we need them to.

The LCGC Blog: Capillary GC Liner Selection Guide
September 8, 2014

LCGC Blogger Tony Taylor provides his impartial guide to liner selection that is representative of the considerations in modern capillary gas chromatography (GC).

The LCGC Blog: Putting the U into Your UHPLC
August 21, 2014

Tony Taylor discusses the importance of keeping extra column volume as small as possible, especially when using UHPLC equipment.

The LCGC Blog: Robustness in HPLC Eluents
July 24, 2014

Is 0.1% TFA (aq) / 0.1% TFA in acetonitrile the ultimate robust HPLC mobile phase? Maybe not...

The LCGC Blog: Avoiding the Problems Associated with HPLC Column Overload
July 17, 2014

Much has been written about column overload, however, I've seen many instances lately in which overload may not be instantly recognized, or causes problems that may not normally be attributed to overload. Therefore, I wanted to explain how to spot and deal with different types of overload situations.

The LCGC Blog: Chromatography Technical Tips - Robustness in HPLC Eluents
June 9, 2014

When developing a separation, some fundamental choices need to be made on how we might achieve the separation we require - primarily the mode of chromatography used and the way in which we intend to control and optimise the retention and separation (selectivity) of analyte components.

The LCGC Blog: GC Inlet Maintenance...have you really heard it all before?
May 15, 2014

Many troubleshooting investigations in chromatography often don?t lead to a single causal factor. Often, the reason for problems or lack of method robustness are related to many small ?contributory factors? and this is particularly true of the problems associated with sample introduction in capillary Gas Chromatography.

The LCGC Blog: Capillary GC Liner Selection Guide
April 17, 2014

This blog attempts to provide an impartial guide to liner selection which is representative of the considerations in modern capillary GC.


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