Milton Hearn Awarded 2012 Leighton Memorial Medal

Nov 23, 2012
By LCGC Editors

Professor Milton Hearn has been awarded the prestigious 2012 Leighton Memorial Medal of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI). Hearn is the director of the Australian research council special research centre for green chemistry at Monash University, Clayton, Australia.

Anne Leighton established the Leighton memorial medal award in 1965 to commemorate the lifetime achievements of her father, the chemist A. E Leighton. The silver medal, designed by the renowned medallionist Andor Meszaros, bears the profile of A. E. Leighton on one side and a design representing the chemical industry on the reverse. A. E Leighton was an ardent supporter of the RACI, playing a key role in the procurement of the RACI’s Royal Charter from England, and was the elected RACI president from 1952–1953.

Hearn has led a distinguished career, building a reputation for pioneering separation, purification and characterization of chemical and biochemical molecules. His research focuses on the elucidation of polypeptide and protein hormone structure and function and how they vary between normal and diseased states; the use of biocatalysis in directed synthesis; molecular imprinting; surface and combinatorial chemistry; and aspects of nano-biotechnology. Thanks to the work of Hearn and his colleagues, through the application of green chemistry concepts, great advances have been made in these research areas.

Hearn has authored over 450 scientific publications and a number of books. He is also the inventor or co-inventor of 20 issued patents relating to the development of analytical methods in a range of research areas in the life sciences. In addition he is an active presence in scientific publishing as a member of LCGC North America’s editorial advisory board and as associate editor or member of eight other scientific publications.

When asked to comment about the prestigious award, Hearn said, "I am honoured and delighted to receive this prestigious award. I would like to pay tribute to my highly talented colleagues who are a pleasure to work with."

The award will be officially presented to Prof Hearn at a gala awards dinner on the 23rd of November 2012.

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