New Gas Chromatography Products 2014

May 01, 2014

In this "GC Connections" instalment, I review gas chromatography (GC) instruments and accessories that were newly on display at the Pittsburgh Conference in March 2014, or were introduced to the marketplace in the preceding year.

The Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (Pittcon) returned to Chicago's McCormick Place for its 65th annual meeting on 2–6 March 2014. This year, more than 16,200 conferees and exhibitor personnel attended Pittcon and the co-hosted Food Labs Conference. More than 36% were listed as first-time attendees, but the published statistics did not differentiate between Pittcon and Food Labs registrants. The exposition floor sited 935 exhibitors in a total of 1763 booths; 32 countries were represented. As was the case in 2013 in Philadelphia, the exhibition floor proved easier to navigate than in earlier conferences. This did not seem to be related to the size of the conference, which has not varied by more than about 10% in recent years, but rather the layout was well organized with many booths positioned in logical groups.

The technical programme was of high quality with 73 symposia, 10 awards, 84 oral sessions, plus posters and workshops making up a total of 2000 technical sessions. Emphasis was clearly on life science topics, which constituted 40% of the presentations. The short course program continued its high activity with 116 offerings.

Pittcon will journey to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, in 2015 — a welcome respite from two consecutive years in colder northern locations. Heading to Atlanta, Georgia, USA, in 2016, conferees will enjoy a couple years of Southern hospitality until the conference swings back to Chicago, USA, in 2017.

This annual "GC Connections" instalment reviews gas chromatography (GC) instrumentation and accessories shown at this year's Pittcon or introduced during the previous year. For a review of new GC and liquid chromatography (LC) columns and related accessories, please see "Column Watch" in the April and May 2014 (1,2) issues of LCGC Europe, which are also available on-line at

The information presented here is based on manufacturers' replies to questionnaires, as well as on additional information from manufacturers' press releases, websites, and product literature on the past year's products. It is not based on actual use or experience of the author. During Pittcon, I took time to stroll around the convention aisles and see some of the new products first-hand as well as to discover a number of items that weren't covered by the questionnaires. Every effort has been made to collect accurate information, but because of the preliminary nature of some of the material LCGC cannot be responsible for errors or omissions. This column instalment cannot be considered a complete record of all new GC products introduced this year at Pittcon or elsewhere because not all manufacturers chose to respond to the questionnaire or attend the conference, nor is all of the submitted information necessarily included here because of the limited available space and the editors' judgment as to its suitability.

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