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Application Notes
Application Notes: Biological
Application Notes: Chiral
Application Notes: Environmental
Application Notes: Food and Beverage
Application Notes: GC
Application Notes: General
Application Notes: Hyphenated
Application Notes: Industrial
Application Notes: LC/HPLC
Application Notes: Misc Techniques
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Application Notes: Polymer
Application Notes: Sample Prep
Column: Focus on Biopharmaceutical Analysis
Ira Krull, editor of 'Biotechnology Today', is an associate professor of chemistry at Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and a member of LCGC's editorial advisory board. Co-editor Anurag Rathore is a consultant and associate professor with the Indian Institute of Delhi, India.
Column: GC Connections
GC Connections provides advice for regular users of gas chromatography, John Hinshaw is the editor of 'GC Connections' and has been a columnist with LCGC for over 27 years, covering separation fundamentals, column care, instrument troubleshooting and many other topics. John is one of the premier experts on gas chromatography active in the industry today. He is currently a senior scientist with BPL Global, Portland, Oregon and is a member of LCGC's editorial advisory board.
Column: Innovations in HPLC
Column: LC Troubleshooting
LC Troubleshooting sets about making high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) methods easier to master. By covering the basics of liquid chromatography (LC) separations and instrumentation, John Dolan, Vice President of LC Resources and world renowned expert on HPLC, is able to highlight common problems and provide remedies for them.
Column: MS - The Practical Art
Kate Yu is the editor of 'MS-The Practical Art' bringing her expertise in the field of mass spectrometry and hyphenated techniques to the pages of LCGC. In this column she examines the mass spectrometric side of coupled liquid and gas-phase systems. Troubleshooting-style articles provide readers with invaluable advice for getting the most from their mass spectrometers.
Column: Perspectives in Modern HPLC
Michael W. Dong is a senior scientist in Small Molecule Drug Discovery at Genentech in South San Francisco, California. He is responsible for new technologies, automation, and supporting late-stage research projects in small molecule analytical chemistry and QC of small molecule pharmaceutical sciences.
Column: Practical Data Handling
Column: Questions of Quality
Questions of Quality offers guidance on quality issues relevant to all separation scientists. Method development, data handling, chromatography data systems and laboratory information management systems are covered by leading industry consultant Robert McDowall.
Column: Sample Prep Perspectives
Sample Preparation Perspectives' editor Ron Majors examines technologies and methodologies for getting your samples ready for chromatographic analysis.
Column: The History of Chromatography
With each installment of this column, a different industry veteran covers an aspect of the evolution and continued development of the science of chromatography, from its birth to its eventual growth into the high-powered industry we see today.
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Gas Chromatography (GC)
LCGC editorial, peer-reviewed research articles, and opinion pieces covering gas chromatography technology and it's applications.
Hyphenated Techniques
LCGC editorial, peer-reviewed research articles, and opinion pieces covering hyphenated chromatographic techniques.
LCGC Web Seminar Updates
Updates on the LCGC Web Seminars.
Liquid Chromatography (LC/HPLC)
LCGC editorial, peer-reviewed research articles, and opinion pieces covering liquid chromatography (LC, HPLC, and UHPLC).
Mass Spectrometry
The latest chromatography research and company news from LCGC.
Pharmaceutical and Biological
Sample Preparation Techniques
LCGC editorial, peer-reviewed research articles, and opinion pieces covering sample preparation techniques.
The LCGC Blog
Perspectives and advice on separation science from Kevin A. Schug, an Associate Professor and Shimadzu Distinguished Professor of Analytical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at The University of Texas (UT) at Arlington, and Tony Taylor, Technical Director at Crawford Scientific.
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