Corporate Retrospective 2007: PerkinElmer

May 01, 2007
By LCGC Editors

PerkinElmer has been an innovative pioneer in chromatography for over 50 years. Recognizing the demand for increased laboratory productivity and improved analytical capability, PerkinElmer has responded by delivering a number of technology advancements in both its GC and LC systems using the latest tools and technologies. These advancements allow scientists to run existing and new applications faster as well as enable fast chromatography without compromising performance.

As samples become more complex and detection limits more demanding, GC sample-handling and introduction technologies become more critical. PerkinElmer led the way in headspace and thermal desorption technology and continues to innovate so as to provide researchers with the ability to expand applications and increase productivity. PerkinElmer is also a pioneer in chromatography data systems and has maintained a leadership position with its 21 CFR Part 11 compliant instrument-control and data-handling software platform.

It is clear that laboratories today are under pressure to reduce cost and deliver a faster return on their investment. By introducing solutions such as the latest GC system with the fastest injection-to-injection time in conventional GC, PerkinElmer enables scientists to deliver results faster. The GC system can also be integrated with a new MS platform that provides the widest mass range for a broad scope of applications and the fastest scan rates for high peak integrity and accuracy.

PerkinElmer understands the importance of a complete solution in specific applications and understands the needs of the global environment in which laboratories operate. Its scientists and engineers have designed systems incorporating ease-of-use, multilingual user interfaces and internationalization, compliance, networking and remote-control capabilities and integration with sample-preparation devices and data traceability.

Continuously striving to deliver innovative solutions, PerkinElmer ensures that each solution retains the best features of its predecessor, while incorporating the latest technology into next-generation products. With continued commitment to innovation and the expertise of its scientists and engineers, PerkinElmer will continue to provide scientists with the tools they need to advance the pace and precision of their research.

Mark Collins
Congratulations to LCGC North America on their 25th anniversary!

Mark Collins
Product Manager, Gas Chromatography
PerkinElmer, Inc.
Waltham, Massachusetts

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