PerkinElmer Advances in Chinese Market

Nov 19, 2012
By LCGC Editors

PerkinElmer (Massachusetts, USA) has announced the acquisition of Haoyuan Biotech (Shanghai, China), an infectious disease diagnostics company, for the reported amount of $38 million. The acquisition promises to advance the clinical diagnostics capabilities of PerkinElmer, establishing their foothold on the rapidly growing Chinese market.

Haoyan Biotech focuses on the delivery of molecular diagnostics used within blood bank and clinical settings in China. The acquisition will result in the addition of four diagnostic assays to PerkinElmer’s portfolio that are approved by China’s state Food and Drug Administration (SFDA).

"By combining PerkinElmer's robust disease-screening capabilities with Haoyuan's proprietary reagents and equipment, the company will be able to offer highly sensitive systems and assays for quality detection of blood-borne infections for the Chinese market," commented Robert Friel, chairman and chief executive officer of PerkinElmer. "Integrating Haoyuan's screening products with PerkinElmer's diagnostics capabilities will help to further advance the health of the Chinese people by offering leading technology that ensures accurate diagnosis of infectious diseases at a low cost."

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