Polymer Char: Users Training Meeting (UTM)

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Aleyda Monzon, Polymer Char
Valencia Technology Park, Gustave Eiffel, Valencia, Spain
+34 96 131 81 20, [email protected]

Polymer Char specializes in developing the most automated and complete range of equipment for the characterization of polyolefins, all high-temperature applications. Every year, the company organizes the UTM to train both existing users of the company’s instruments and potential clients that are planning to acquire the equipment.

Although a basic training session is always provided when an instrument is installed at a client’s facilities, it is highly recommended to combine it with a UTM training because a larger scope of topics on both hardware and software are covered. The program addresses questions such as: what are the basic polyolefin characterization techniques? How to improve an instrument’s performance and optimize results? What to do as preventive maintenance? What steps to follow for troubleshooting?

Additionally, one of the benefits of attending the Polymer Char laboratory is that the users have the whole range of 13 instruments, accessories and even the entire technical team at their disposal for a true hands-on experience.

Date: May 30 - June 01, 2018
Location: Spain
Venue: Polymer Char Offices
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