The Scherzo Family Columns Simultaneously Separate Acidic and Basic Pharmaceutical Compounds and Resolve Better than a Standard C18 Column

Jun 01, 2012

Figure 1: Scherzo SM-C18 and SW-C18 simultaneously separate ibuprofen and chlorpheniramine
Compounds such as ibuprofen, chlorpheniramine, and allantoin are important in the field of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The analysis of acidic and basic compounds is particularly important but it is sometimes difficult to analyze both acidic and basic compounds on a single standard C18 column. Imtakt's Scherzo SM-C18 and Scherzo SW-C18 HPLC columns can separate acidic ibuprofen and basic chlorpheniramine simultaneously. The Scherzo SW-C18, Scherzo SM-C18, and Scherzo SS-C18 columns can also successfully resolve allantoin and similar compounds better than a standard C18 column.


Figure 2: Scherzo SS-C18 achieves good separation and resolution of allantoin, allantoic acid, and uric acid
All data was generated with a semi-micro HPLC system equipped with UV detection. Separation of ibuprofen and chlorpheniramine was accomplished with Scherzo SM-C18 and Scherzo SW-C18, both of dimensions 150 × 4.6 mm (see Figure 1). The Scherzo SM-C18 column separation was an isocratic elution (100 mM ammonium acetate/methanol = 25/75), whereas the Scherzo SW-C18 separation was a gradient elution (A= water/formic acid 100/0.3, B= 200 mM ammonium formate/acetonitrile 25/75). Separation of allantoin, allantoic acid, and uric acid was accomplished with Unison UK-C18, Scherzo SW-C18, Scherzo SM-C18, and Scherzo SS-C18, all of dimensions 250 × 3 mm (see Figure 2).

Results and Discussion

Figure 3: Scherzo family of C18 columns.
As seen in Figure 1, the Scherzo SM-C18 and Scherzo SW-C18 are both able to simultaneously retain and separate an acidic and a basic compound. This is possible because of the Scherzo family columns' unique blend of anion ligands, cation ligands, and reverse phase ligands (see Figure 3). As seen in Figure 2, allantoin and similar compounds co-elute on a standard C18 column (Unison UK-C18), but are well separated and resolved on the Scherzo SS-C18 column. The Scherzo family columns offer scientists improved selectivity and separation as compared to standard ODS columns.

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