Sepu, The China Chromatography Network

Jan 15, 2013
By LCGC Editors




The China Chromatography Network ( was established in 1999. Since its inception, it has always upheld its mission to provide a chromatography portal with information of the highest quality. Today, it is the largest industry website and the most influential social media platform oriented to the analysis and testing industry. It provides easy access to practical, comprehensive, and professional information and services to more than a million users.

Key sections on its web site include Standards and Regulations, The Sepu.Net Library, Chromatography University, Exhibitions, North American Chromatography Sites, Products, The Networking Academy, and BBS. Through these sections and others, users can access information and services related to networking, professional skills training (in person and online), recruitment, market research, activity planning, videos, exhibitions and conferences, standards and regulations, and professional books.


Hangzhou Yihang Network Technology Co., Ltd, (China Chromatography Web),
[email protected]


Room 2219, 2/F, Building 2,
East Software Park No.90
WenSan Road,
Hangzhou, China

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