Shimadzu Receive NRW.Invest Award

Sep 21, 2018
Volume 14, Issue 9, pg 6


Shimadzu has been awarded the 2018 NRW.Invest Award by the North Rhine‑Westphalia (NRW) region of Germany. Following 50 years of presence in Europe, the Japanese company has been rewarded for its commitment to investment within Germany’s industrial heartland and most populated federal state. Shimadzu received the award at the end of June from Andreas Pinkwart, the federal state’s Minister for Economic and Digitalization, and Petra Weassner, the managing director of the NRW.Invest economic development agency.

Opening a new facility in the city of Duisburg in 2017, Shimadzu has a long‑standing commitment to the area, going as far as to place its official European headquarters in the region.

“We are very pleased with the award,” said Jürgen Kwass, Managing Director Shimadzu Europe, “and we are very happy to call Duisburg home.”

Starting in 1968 with just five employees based in Düsseldorf, the company has grown to a workforce of 230 employees within the region, and more than 700 throughout Europe who are supervised from Duisburg.

“International investors are essential for North Rhine-Westphalia. They are important employers, drivers of innovation and economic engines at the same time,” explained State Minister Pinkwart.

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