Sigma-Aldrich Partners with The Scripps Research Institute

Aug 01, 2013
By LCGC Editors

Sigma-Aldrich (Missouri, USA) has announced that it has partnered with The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) (California, USA) to speed up access to discoveries by TSRI scientists to synthesize and analyze potential drugs. The partnership is the first to be formed between an academic institution and a reagents company.

Sigma-Aldrich will provide funding for research projects focused on the development of new reagents in six TRSI labs. Newly developed reagents will then be marketed exclusively by Sigma-Aldrich. Publications relating to new reagents will include a Sigma-Aldrich product number for reference.

Amanda Halford, Vice President, Academic Research at Sigma-Aldrich said: “The hurdles from bench to clinic, what the National Institute of Health (NIH) calls the 'valley of death', are proving difficult to surmount, leaving numbers of potential therapeutic ideas trapped inside university doors.” She added: “To clear these hurdles, it's critical to open a myriad of novel technologies, such as these from TSRI, to the whole translational research community.”

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