Sigma Aldrich Recognized For Climate Change Disclosure

Oct 12, 2012
By LCGC Editors

Sigma Aldrich (Missouri, USA) has been recognized by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) (England, UK) for its approach to the disclosure of climate change information. This is the first year that the company has been featured within the CDP’s “Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index”.

"Sigma-Aldrich recognizes that the sustainability of our business depends on making smart choices regarding resource usage, which in turn affects the products delivered to customers and ultimately our communities," said Rakesh Sachdev, Sigma-Aldrich President and CEO. "Good global citizenship benefits the Company and all of its stakeholders and we are proud to be commended for our efforts."

CDP is an independent non-for-profit organization set-up to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase sustainable water usage worldwide. The index produced annually features companies from within the S&P 500 index that adopt a strong and open approach to the disclosure of information relating to climate change. The climate change information disclosure for each of the featured companies is rated by several factors including, but not restricted to, proficient internal data management and demonstration of understanding the impact of climate change related issues on the company.

"Companies that make the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index demonstrate strong internal data management practices for the measurement of greenhouse gas emissions and energy use," said Paul Simpson, Chief Executive Officer of CDP. "They are also giving clear consideration to the business issues related to climate change and their exposure to climate-related risks and opportunities. This is vital to realizing greater efficiencies, protecting the business from risk and capitalizing on opportunities."

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