Therapure Biopharma Acquire Plasma Protein Purification Technology from Upfront Chromatography

Dec 05, 2013
By LCGC Editors

Therapure Biopharma (Ontario, Canada) has entered into an agreement with Upfront Chromatography (Copenhagen, Denmark) to acquire assets and associated business related to human plasma fractionation from Upfront. As part of the deal Therapure will acquire proprietary protein purification technology based on expanded bed chromatography, along with exclusive rights to commercialize the technology.

Nick Green, CEO of Therapure, said: “ Therapure has established an excellent reputation as a biologics contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) with integrated services including plasma protein purification. The acquisition of this technology will further support Therapure’s reputation as a leader in the biologics manufacturing sector in general, and as a global leader in terms of plasma protein purification.” He added: “We feel strongly that this technology can add significant value to our clients as they seek to optimize their manufacturing processes and associated economics.”

Upfront divested their pharmaceutical business in April 2010 to DSM Biologics, and is now focused on technology developed for the food/feed ingredients business for the extraction of food grade ingredients.

Michael Pålsson, CEO of Upfront, said: “We see this additional divestment of our technology to Therapure as a major milestone for Upfront. It is yet another significant blue-stamp of our technology, driven by its value creation in the capture of high value proteins. We are now ready to focus 100% on our BioMine business which aims to valorize under-utilized side and waste streams from the food, feed, and biofuel industries.” He added: “There is a broad range of food and feed industries in the world with large volumes of side and waste streams containing valuable proteins. We are able to help these manufacturers get more value out of these streams, and at the same time we see a growing, global need for alternative protein sources to feed the world’s population.”

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